Halloween 2017
Mercury, Cape Town
Halloween 2017
Mercury, Cape Town
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Bernelie

South African, Cape Town born singer-songwriter-musician and alternative performer, Bernelie has packed her bags along with her partner, producer and guitarist MJ and headed off to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi in the UAE to follow their passion for music and showcase their musical talents! A video that gained attention on social media sparked some interest and was spotted by an agent resulting in this international opportunity of a lifetime.

Bernelie’s gypsy punk style combined with her love for nature and her difficult past has formed her unique genre of music that she uses as a personal therapy and hopes to touch other like minded and hearted people with her emotional vocals, chord progressions and thought provoking lyrics.

Her background in classical-contemporary voice training, classical piano music compositions and various forms of entertainment art namely fire eating, fire dancing, body burning and burlesque has greatly influenced her stage performance and has resulted in an intimate theatrical experience.

Album cover from Bernelie’s debut album, Mystic.

Bernelie independently released her debut album ‘Mystic’ on the 3rd of May 2016 which marked the beginning of her musical journey and a week after releasing her album, her single ‘Little Mess’ received countrywide radio play.

Bernelie and MJ have performed at some prestigious venues and events in and around South Africa. Some highlights include performing at The Mining Indaba at The Arabella Sheraton and at The Margaret Hirsh ‘Women in Business Awards’  earlier in 2017. Bernelie also performed and travelled with her friend and agent Natalie Stewart from AfrodizzyActs in Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar, Tanzania late 2016.

Currently in Abu Dhabi, UAE, who knows where this arabian path might lead but it’s an adventure worth it nonetheless! New music, music videos and other surprises in the pipeline! Stay tuned and follow @bernelie on social media links provided below for latest news and updates!