Bernelie & MJ Duo

Bernelie & MJ performing at the Arabella Hotel in Cape Town for the annual mining indaba.

Bernelie & MJ are a musical duo with Bernelie on the keyboard, vocals and Marius on the guitar from Cape Town, South Africa!

A video that gained interest and attention on social media was spotted by an agent resulting in Bernelie and MJ packing their bags and heading to the UAE, Abu Dhabi where they are performing a wide range of cover music from the The Beatles, Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, The Eagles and other golden oldies to more current favourite artists like Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, as well as some of their original music.

Background & Accreditation:

MJ started playing guitar when he was 11 years old and was mostly influenced and interested in metal, psych rock and producing electronic music. After finishing school he furthered his studies in contemporary music production and sound technology in Cape Town and was working in audio for 5 years as Senior Dubbing Engineer at Dreamspace, Cape Town Audio Post and Africa Audio Post.

Bernelie started playing piano by the age of 9, mostly playing theme music from movies and songs she heard on the radio. She wrote her first song along with lyrics when she was 11 years old. At 16 years old she recorded a rough album of her original music but did not release it to the public. After school, Bernelie studied Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) at The AAA School of Advertising and graduated with a degree in 2013. While studying, she had been performing various forms of art including fire dancing, body burning, fire eating and other circus acts to make money to survive as a student and continued to perform and form her own business in entertainment after graduating as she realised that performance art and music was her true passion. She then self funded her debut album ‘Mystic’ and released her music to the public for the first time on May the 3rd 2016 thus igniting the start of her professional music career.

Bernelie and MJ met 2 years ago soon after Bernelie released  her album and was on the lookout for a guitarist. Soon after they met, they took their music to the next level and performed at various prestigious venues and events in and around South Africa and now internationally in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Some highlights include performing at The Mining Indaba at The Arabella Sheraton, The Margaret Hirsh ‘Women in Business Awards’  earlier in 2017 and at popular live music venue and club, Mercury before heading off to the desert late 2017.